Scan 1Here are my experiments, using Fern Stitch and a variety of thread weights and types:

1. Pearl Cotton, DMC – No. 12   2. Tapestry Cotton, DMC – No. 4

3. Pearl Cotton, Cosmo – No. 5   4. Stranded Cotton – 6 strands

5. Tapestry Wool, DMC – No.   6. Perle Cotton, DMC – No. 3

7. Chiffon – I cut off the rolled hem for the first 2 rows, and a narrow band of fabric for the last 2 rows.

8. Metallic machine embroidery thread, Madeira – No. 40 – double thread. It has a slight silver glint in with the black.

9. Narrow ribbon- I spaced the stitches out a little, as it was difficult to pass through the same hole twice.

10. Black tulle – I spaced 2 of the rows out a little for a different effect.

The most obvious differences with these thread types was the coverage. Finer threads show more of the background canvas. I like this effect as reminds me of Spanish Blackwork. The texture is also affected by the smoothness of the fibre or fabric used. The ribbons quite lustrous, while the tapestry cotton is very ‘flat’. The less obvious effects are that somegive a matte look, while others are more shiny.

I enjoyed experimenting with the fabrics such as chiffon and tulle, although it took a few goes to find the right width of tulle to use and which size tapestry needle. At first, the tulle kept breaking as I stitched with it.

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These are 8 Canvas Stitches I tried out for Activity 5.

From Top Left, going across:

1. Fern   2. Smyrna   3. Velvet   4. Rhodes

5. Star 6. Brick 7. Gobelin 8. Plaited Gobelin

It’s been a while since I’ve done any Canvas Work, but it came back to me pretty quickly. It was interesting to compare the effect each one has. Some cover the canvas very well, eg. Smyrna, Velvet, Rhodes and Plaited Gobelin. The others would need to be done in thicker or more textured thread, or have the background canvas painted, before stitching. They could also be done over a piece of fine fabric, covering the canvas. Many of these stitches could also be completed, using two or more colours of thread, eg. Smyrna, Brick. I completed the middle crosses on 4. Star Stitch in a different colour, to see the effect. The bottom left middle cross has 4 ‘arms’. I wanted to compare the covering effect to only doing 2 ‘arms’ as in the other 3 crosses.

Looking forward to doing the next activity!Scan

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Scan 9

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Scan 4

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These are photos of Colour Study work done with Oil Pastels and Water Colours.

Firstly, I played around with water colours and pastels, trying to get a variety of colours which might match the colours in the wall.

Then, I isolated colours from the wall, painting or colouring patches.

Finally, I tried to match five different areas of the wall, using a combination of water colours and oil pastels. In some cases I layer down the water colours first and other examples have the oil pastel on top of the paint.

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Scan 8

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Scan 8I decided to enlarge this to A4 size as some of the original photo shapes were quite small. When I was scanning this image, it was turned to ‘portrait size’, which made me think this would make a great wall hanging design.

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